Releasing Your Inner Energy

In order to enjoy life you must have access to your own energy. The energy in mind and body. How you handle yourself has a great deal to do with how you feel and your energy level reserve. What good is having free time if you are not feeling up to doing anything or you feel sluggish and tired more often than not. Keep in mind that the word “potential” is something you have not yet used. It’s in storage.

But if there’s nothing in storage your potential is empty. Now, there’s an abundance of information technical and otherwise on this topic, our aim here is to stick with common sense practicality that will build your storehouse of potential so it’s there when you call on it.

Good old shut-eye.

Probably the very best way to manufacture energy is to let sleep do it for you. Lack of needed sleep brings declines in mental and physical performance.


You, movement, otherwise known as exercise. Even light or moderate exercise will make a significant improvement in the manufacture of energy.


Read books that are inspirational, encouraging and edifying. Be around people who are like that.

Be there.

Help someone else whether it’s volunteering or just being available in your own sphere of influence. Lifting others up bolsters your energy flow.

What’s going in?

Now we get to the tough part. What is your diet like? Managing what you eat will play a major role is your well-being. And being well pumps energy levels up.

Discount numbers.

Stop, stop, stop making age such a big issue. You can’t let numbers dictate your life. It’s not about what year you’re in, it’s about what you are doing in the year you’re in.

Lifestyle affects energy

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