What’s with bags?

Something mysterious is taking place in retail stores and I see it in retail stores, and especially in grocery stores and delis and convenience stores. Let me explain. Recently I went into a convenience store on the way home. I had to pick up milk, eggs, bread, half and half, all together I selected 12 items. I placed them all on the counter. The guy behind the counter tallies it all up and I give him the money. He returns the change. Now, I stand there looking at 12 items. He stands there looking at me. Appears to be a stalemate of sorts. I glance down at the grocery items and look back at him. Silence!

Finally he says, “Wanna a bag?”

Best Retirement Community in CaliforniaI’m incensed. So, I can’t help myself and I say, “Do I need a bag? Well, let me see; I guess I can take one item at a time back to my car and come back in twelve times. Or…I can… of course I want a bag!”

Reluctantly he reaches under the counter for a bag and places the items in. I lift the bag and leave. I find the same ritual in other stores. I’m guessing employee are now told not to offer a bag but let the customer ask for one. Perhaps this is intended to safe the store money on bags. So, they save money and irritate the customer or in my case. Plus, consider all the time that the people in line behind had to wait while I discussed needing a bag with the counter guy. Is it really worth it? Are hey saving that much cost on bags?

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