Absorbing the Earth’s Power

Nature! Mother Earth, that is, the natural world is not merely a wonderous place, but it can be a place for healing and wellness. There are both physical and mental benefits we can accrue from being in nature. One of the fastest growing areas of people and nature is something called, Grounding or Earthing.


The earth beneath your feet provides you with food and water and a place build on. It provides you with something surprising – electrons. Touching the ground with your bare feet or body allows electrons to flow into you. This is called being “grounded.”

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The earth’s surface has a limitless supply of mobile electrons that gives the ground we walk on a natural negative electric charge. Touching your body to the ground, it dissipates static electricity and extraneous environmental electrical charges that are on you. At the same time, you receive a charge of energy in the form of free electrons and your body synchronizes with the natural frequencies of the earth.


The importance of being well is a major factor in today’s world. Think of all the massive amounts of medicines and vitamins and supplements that are sold every year. Many make promises that have never been substantiated. Earthing is as simple as spending time barefoot on grass or dirt.


Delta Hawaii 55+ Community offers a unique kind of grounding.


“Knowledge of the facts of a particular subject,” is the essential meaning of grounding. So many discerning 55+ homeowners already enjoy a unique kind of grounded life at Delta Hawaii. Enjoy a truly unique blend of tranquility, convenience, low maintenance and comfort, the perfect match for a healthy way to live.

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