55+ Doesn’t Mean You Have to be Retired

There’s a misconception that a 55+ community automatically means retired people.

Living a 55+ lifestyle is an amazing way to simplify your daily life:

  • Low or no maintenance
  • Lower cost than standard mortgages
  • Affordable land lease

There are many valid reasons why people want to live in our 55+ community with a manufactured home and a land lease. The biggest reason is financial.

  • You do not have to invest your savings up front in a large down payment for a land purchase.
  • The money that would have been used to buy the land could be used to invest.
  • Land-lease removes the cost of expensive real estate taxes.
  • Our manufactured homes cost far less than on-site constructed homes.

Our 55+ community offers a tremendous opportunity to purchase a home without breaking the budget
You enjoy a land-lease community where in effect, you rent the space your home homes sit on, whether or not you own the home that you live in. Land-lease payments typically occur on the same schedule as the payments on a home mortgage, but they’re lower than you’d expect. Often, land-lease fees are cheaper than similar mortgage payments and property tax on site-built housing, which means better long-term savings for you.

So it’s not merely about future retirement advantages, it’s about an active life advantage with more freedom for you both in less maintenance and less overhead—that’s a true win-win!

Superb Property Management
The community benefits from having your own home with the sort of property management and support and amenities that you wouldn’t get in a site-built home on its own property. Our property management helps with property concerns, maintenance issues, or anything else you may encounter. Readily available help – that’s just one of the benefits of a land lease.

In addition to the beautiful home styles, property management and low cost management, you have a number of on-site amenities and club and activities that you wouldn’t get in a typical apartment or site-built house. And it’s convenient to numerous shopping, dining, entertainment and recreational destinations, as well as California’s world-renowned wine country.

This community is a great alternative to traditional (and more costly) site-built home, with a wide range of benefits and advantages.

So if you are 55+ and want to simplify life and lower costs, call and visit, you’re sure to find the perfect home!