A Remarkable Neighborhood

remarkable neighborhoodWe found this review about Delta Hawaii on the not-official Facebook page. Read what one of our guests had to say on Facebook.


David Nelson gave us 5-stars after visiting our community for an event. He said

“I have attended two 6-day, City-wide Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training sessions in the spacious Delta Hawaii administrative center. About twenty 6-person tables were set up, with room for more. Our class sizes were about 40 to 60. Very comfortable and attractive environment. Seems very suitable for most types of large gatherings.

review Delta Hawaii is an attractive, neat, orderly place to visit — with ample parking.

I am impressed with the level of attentionDelta Hawaii seems to give to the well-being of its residents and the surrounding community. They had systematic approaches to all sorts of emergency and disaster scenarios. I think it is a remarkable neighborhood.

I would appreciate knowing more details so I can help celebrate their social-responsiveness around the community and beyond.”