Always looking forward

At Delta Hawaii the concept of a 55+ lifestyle community began and continues to be one where people can experience both a low maintenance and an expectant life. In this community, you enjoy many beautiful scenes, from the home designs to the surrounding environment.

Delta Hawaii 55+ lifestyle community: where expectation is met


As Henry David Thoreau put it in his wonderful quote, there are times when we must reawaken to what is ahead. The horizon line always suggests there is something more by going forward. Explorers have always been beckoned by this call. And it’s a healthy calling.

You may not consider yourself to be an explorer, and yet you are. The fact that you are 55+, a retired senior or someone who is still working at an older age, does not mean you stop dreaming and expecting. That makes for a healthy mind and positive outlook. I recall some years ago taking my young granddaughter to the beach. We drove over to one of the bayside beaches and it happened to be low tide.

As I walked with my granddaughter, hand in hand through the glistening tide pools of warm, wet sand, she suddenly looked around and asked shocked, “Grandpa, where did the ocean go?”

Of course, moments like these are precious to us. But as I thought about it I realized her question was not one of a child’s naivety but in fact a sobering question about life.

We can never know what lies ahead unless we cut the moorings of the past and set out forward, toward that horizon line of life. There is so much more you can do and contribute not only to yourself but to others. Your life experiences and wisdom have tremendous value. We are all aging, but if you live with an expectation and a forward mindset you will have a new vibrancy to share each day. Frankly, and environment and community like Delta Hawaii is a wonderful start to that kind of life.

If you are looking to slow down the aging process with a forward-looking happy lifestyle – you simply have to look into our 55+ rental apartments and our land-lease manufactured homes for sale. A whole new view of life awaits you right here, right now.

Then you will be in that amazing position to ask yourself, “Where did the ocean go?” A wonderfully positive lifestyle can be enjoyed at Delta Hawaii. Don’t ket another day go by.

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