Creativity Matters

Unfortunately, creativity has become a confusing topic, and misunderstood at best. Fortunately, we all possess a level of creativity. The problem is the misunderstanding of creativity. It’s fair to say that most people lump creativity in with painting, writing, music, and so on. These are forms of creativity, but only “forms.” Creativity, in its very essence can be considered as:

The process of blending existing items or thoughts and reconnecting them in a new way. Creativity does not create something new of itself. As King Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” All we can do is reorganize what already is, into some new form.


The Loss of Creative Expression


We all possess the ability to create; to make something new and valuable, to rearrange, and transform. Creativity drives innovation. Consider all the creative minds that produced the smartphone and other tech products—working to bring something into existence that was once impossible. Creativity is about doing meaningful things, going far beyond traditional “creative” tasks, like painting, and singing. Creativity is present (or should be), in the process of a plumber soldering pipes together, and the accountant who handles finances on a spreadsheet. Creativity can and should be in everything.

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” —Albert Einstein

(Now that’s a pretty good endorsement for creativity, don’t you think!)


Holidays and Creativity


If you think about it, the holidays are a wonderful time to perk up your creativity. Creating decorations and related items to add a festive feel around you are excellent ways to revitalize that creative zest that may be dormant.


Delta Hawaii, where creativity is the reality


To create a unique community, blending design, options, and low maintenance requires creativity at the highest level. This is a realty that can be experienced here at Delta Hawaii 55+. As the holidays unfold, we hope that you will enjoy the creativity of the season and find love and joy.