Don’t Limit Yourself

This is a little story with a big impact. It’s a bit old but remains a great teacher. That said, here we go:

A man walked along the seashore, occasionally throwing a rock into the waves. Just ahead he noticed an older man fishing in the surf. He stopped to watch because he became intrigued. The fisherman threw back all the large fish he caught and kept the smaller ones. The man walked over to the fisherman and asked,

“I was wondering why you are throwing all the large fish back into the water instead of the smaller fish?”

“Oh, that’s because I only have an 8-inch frying pan to cook them in.”

The wrong kind of limit

We can often limit ourselves and never break out. Many things can hold us back. Not enough schooling, or money, or friends, or contacts, and the list goes on. Success most often comes from within us and not from outside.  A look at many of the “life changers,” that have improved life with products and so on and did not have much of external things.

Retirement Community in CaliforniaWhat they did possess was a dream, a passion, an idea…something they believed in and fueled them. They refused to live their lives in an 8-inch frying pan, so to speak. Each of us has that inner potential to achieve greater things. But to do so, you need to throw out the 8-inch pan.


Delta Hawaii 55+ Community moves people out of their limits.

Many people seeking to own a home do not realize they can enjoy a way of living that is possible at Delta Hawaii. This community was built on the notion that there is a better way to own a home and it break the limits of what was status quo. Now is the time to start cooking in a bigger pan! Contact us today and see what can be.

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