It’s a Good Read

When we think of good general health, reading a book is not only at the bottom of the list, it’s not even on the list. There are interesting benefits to being a reader. One of the most obvious is increased vocabulary. Reading exposes you to new words and they become part of your inventory.

Another outcome from reading is that your imagination gets exercise. Reading is all about visualizing what words convey. And, getting you off the constant use of technology allows your imagination to function. Knowledge of the world (so to speak) is captured in reading. A book or article can transport you to exotic locations and other educational venues. Your body of knowledge increases. That makes you a more interesting and informed person. Plus, reading a book or magazine is tactile. You feel the printed page, smell the ink, and hold that ark of information in your hands.

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The secrets of the world are in books

You will find that connections in the brain strengthen, stress reduces, memory improves and the ability to focus increases. It doesn’t hurt your eyes like computer screens. Studies show that reading keeps the mind engaged as we age. Read a few books without your digital equipment around. Your brain will thank you and that’s a good read!

Delta Hawaii 55+ Community, you can read between the lines.

If you draw a line between simplification, quality, and good taste, you will read about some wonderful benefits.

Simplify: Land lease is a simple, affordable way to own a home.

Quality: Our manufactured homes are built in a closed, controlled environment.

Good tase:  The home designs are both beautiful and practical.

That said, why not visit and read the environment for yourself. We can show you a host of amazing benefits that make home ownership a delight. Call today.

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