Rest is Rest! Right? Maybe Not.

Am I getting enough sleep? A self-directed question when we feel low levels of energy. If you’re a soccer mom for instance, you likely have a job, live at a fast pace, carry lots of responsibilities, get home and off to soccer and that’s only one day. There are other sports, and maybe even scouts throughout the week. That said, the issue about getting enough rest. Sleep is considered rest and a way to refuel. Science tells us that sleep and rest are not the same. Sleep therapists heave defined a few keys to appropriate good rest. Turns out there are a few to consider:

Mental rest.

Mental rest is blocked when you hit the sheets still pondering the issues of the day. What was missed? What was forgotten? Re-hashing the disagreements that came up and enjoying or reliving the joy of positive actions that occurred. Your mind as they say, is racing at 100 miles per hour. That causes a struggle to finally get to sleep.

You can have the most expensive bed, with the most luxurious sheets and pillow, but unless you get a hold of that mental raceway in your mind, you will not be rested. When the alarm goes off, you’ll feel like you never got to sleep. The remainder of the day will remind of that through less energy levels and clarity. We don’t give much credence to mental rest.

Neurological rest

The bedroom should be a sanctuary of sorts when its time to sleep. You may not notice this but if you go to sleep with the TV on, you will dream into what the TV show is playing. The last thing your brain needs is overstimulation when you are going to sleep. Its best by the way, to never go to sleep with the news on. It plays into your sensory mode. Even a noisy electric alarm clock or fans that cause vibration are all hindrances to quality rest.


Spiritual rest

This is the kind of rest that moves beyond the physical and active/passive mental states. Prayer, meditation, creative thinking, or focusing on one pleasant thought or idea are all helpful in supporting good rest. So, there’s much more to quality rest than physical rest which is the one we favor most. Exploring combinations of these forms of rest can bring superb results. It will go a long way to prevent or minimize burnout, and frustration.

Yup, everything needs rest at some point

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