So, my uncle never gained weight

My uncle is one of those people who can eat anything in any quantity and not gain a single pound.  “Metabolism, metabolism,” he says with a smile while scoffing down another frosting-covered chocolate cup cake. Me? All I need to do is smell the goodies and “poof,” another belt notch added. As I grew older, I leaned that many people were saying, “I’ll never lose weight, my metabolism is slow as a snail.” Turns out it’s all about the speed of metabolism—Slow or Go!

What’s behind all this is the number of calories your body burns up throughout the day?

In the course of my uncle’s day, he burned those cals up and they never had the chance to layer around his belly. His calories were on the GO! During the course of my day, the cals must have been lounging by the pool bloating up on more goodies. My calories were on the SLOW.

Metabolism is hard at work in your body. The food you eat is broken down into its very building blocks. That becomes energy, and what’s left is removed.

Here are just a few ways to help boost metabolism.

  • Eat more protein
  • Drink more water
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Change cooking oil

Of course, you shouldn’t do anything without talking with your healthcare professional. But at least you know that if your metabolism is going SLOW and you want it to GO, you have a choice.

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