Tending to your garden

Your life’s dream, your passion toward some purpose is very much like a garden. And a garden can only remain healthy just so long as it’s tended. You must consciously revisit the garden, or the weeds will reclaim the entire space.  I had planted a garden in the far end of my backyard which borders a protected wildlife sanctuary.

The border delineation between where my lawn ends, and the wild area begins can easily be seen. This summer I’ve been so busy with so much that the garden, so far out of sight, was neglected for some three weeks or more. Portions of the garden had been reclaimed by the wild things. One of the weeds had grown to five feet tall. The stalk was three inches in diameter, and I had to dig it out with a shovel. (Evidence below.)

The very same outcome befalls our non-tended, non-watered dreams. One of the dangers to a healthy garden is to consider, “How large is my garden?” Meaning how much have we added to our life’s daily agenda that we have left no time to pursue our dreams and goals?  If the garden is too large you may not be able to tend it properly. Conversely a garden can be too small which can lead to our own limited contentment. Planting gardens of dreams requires balance, not too big and not too small so that we can work at bringing them to pass. Above all, watch those weeds because in most cases they blend in with the plants inconspicuously unlike the five-footer I encountered.

Delta Hawaii 55+ community, like a healthy garden grows.

Freedom in peace of mind is what’s planted in our community of 55+ plus homeowners. Delta Hawaii 55+ community offers low stress. The homes are beautiful, affordable and offer low maintenance and low costs overall. Carefree homes in lovely settings are available now, making for a 55+ community that provides the finest value. Delta Hawaii, in northern California’s is well known as the friendliest 55+ community. Call us to arrange a pleasant no pressure tour.

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