The Art of Displaying Art

Delta Hawaii an artful experience for 55+ living

Now is your opportunity to discover “artful living” that so many 55+ homeowners already have: the beautiful location and home designs that distinguish Delta Hawaii from other active adult communities in northern California. When it comes to personalizing your interior, art can play a significant role in a pleasing environment. Art is an integral part of decorating and making a home conducive to creativity. As someone once said, “Don’t buy art just to match your sofa,” you don’t just hang artwork on the wall casually. Here are some of the most common art display mistakes to avoid.

Too cluttered

Both placing too much art together, and hanging it by eye-balling rather than measuring carefully will not give you the feel you want. Too many pieces of art cluttered together don’t allow any one piece to present itself for sole viewing. You might lay the art out on an open floor space and photograph it. Then look at the result and rearrange or eliminate until you can enjoy each piece within the grouping. Space between, under and over are key.

Over-matching colors

Your art selections simply do not have to match the colors in the rest of the room where it hangs. Art defines itself, and it’s the imagery that you’re after, not color matching to your wall or couch.

Neck bending displays

Artwork is very often placed far too high on the wall. When your art is far above natural eye level you will not enjoy the viewing. Take a look outside your home. Look at the environment at Delta Hawaii. The natural lines of sight are the way to go when placing your art: it should be natural. The last thing you want to do is crane your neck up to view artwork.

Copy machine art

People often tend to hang very similar pieces of art on their walls. It helps to switch up canvases and types of frames. Hang dimensional pieces or quilts. Find a collection of old tools for display. Look for varied art pieces so it doesn’t look stale.

Filling every wall up

You need open space. Let your art “breathe,” so to speak. Not every wall needs to be filled with art. Some people collect a lot of art and can’t decide to rotate the pieces so the walls fill up. That’s visual chaos, the opposite of the beauty you desire (isn’t that one reason you’re living at Delta Hawaii? the beauty and environment!)

Living in the art of life at Delta Hawaii

The environment at Delta Hawaii is artfully created and even the location, in the historic town of Pittsburg, is lovely—and provides residents with the perfect blend of beauty, style, and comfort. Just a walk around the “living art,” like the bucolic tree-lined streets accented by majestic palms all adds to the joy.

See the artistic setting at Delta Hawaii first-hand.

We have a team of well versed sales people who are very proud to show off the beauty, value and amenities here at Delta Hawaii. Our team does not need high pressure sales tactics…not at all. The homes and environment speak for themselves. Our sales people are more like tour guides who will help you look at the best match for you. You’ll meet some of the residents who will gladly speak candidly about life here. You will learn more about real estate values here and in the area as well.
Don’t miss this chance to find the creative value that is truly unique. Call our office today. You’ll be glad you did.

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