Walking not as basic as you might think

It’s true that through this epidemic more and more people are working out at home and they are rediscovering walking. Yes, walking, not running, not jogging, but walking, the most natural action we have as humans. Walking has made a comeback and its benefits are undisputable. Most of us however, either through our jobs, interests or hobbies are spending tremendous amounts of time seated at computers.

Walk, talk, and get healthy.

Because walking is such a natural action we can decide to start walking and not really do it correctly. I know, sounds odd. But I recently worked with a trainer to relieve an old sports injury that acted up. I mentioned I had just begun walking again which led to his tutoring me on the basics of walking. I responded half-jokingly, “Walking is the most basic thing we do as human beings, and you’re telling me there‘s a wrong way to walk?” Here are a few highlights of what I was told.


Walk tall and straight, and do not let your back arch. Relax the head and neck.

Arm motion

Swinging your arms helps in propelling your body and helps with balance.


You need to hold your head up and look out a few yards ahead of you so there’s no stepping in large cracks or debris.


Commit to a walking schedule you can actually keep.


Walk at a comfortable pace. We can often start exercise and become over confident, then we are hurting and lose days of walking.


Absolutely crucial is selecting the right walking shoes for you.

The right footwear makes all the difference


If you enjoy conversations with others while you walk, be sure you don’t lose your pace and alertness.

Delta Hawaii: The Perfect Community to Walk and Enjoy

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Beautiful surroundings will enhance daily walking

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