What makes diamonds so valuable?

Diamonds are incredibly valuable for one reason: There are so few of them. You are like a diamond. There’s only one of you on this planet. That is divine creativity at work and one reason why you hold such immense value.

Consider this:

Diamonds are formed below the earth; a long way down, some 75 to 120 miles down. Geologists tell us diamonds in these modern times are at least 990,000,000 years old. Diamonds are carried to the surface by volcanic eruptions. Now that’s a lot like you too! You were formed in your mother’s womb far from the outside world and brought to the surface by the eruption of labor—with uniqueness already imprinted in you. No one like you ever existed on earth before and none like you will ever exist afterward. You have tremendous value to others. It takes about 1,500 degrees to transform carbon into diamonds and the pressure required can be likened to stacking 450 snowmobiles on a penny.

Pretty incredible!!

Think about it, when you hold a diamond in your hand you hold something precious. It’s the same with you. The pressures of life’s experiences hone your talents. The message here is that each of us have implanted talents to use to help others as well. Talents grow into gems under the pressures of life. Your talents, like the diamond, require struggle to be lifted to the surface.

Here’s the critical point:

You are not a commodity. You are unique. The principle of uniqueness applies to all things.

  • Chicken is chicken, right? Not if you ask Jim Perdue.
  • Coffee is coffee, right? Not if you ask Starbucks.
  • Cola is cola, right? Not if you ask Pepsi.
  • Software is software, right? Not if you ask Microsoft.
  • Diamonds are diamonds, right? Not if you ask DeBeers.
  • Sneakers are sneakers, right? Not if you ask Nike.

It’s something to think about.

What makes Delta Hawaii so valuable?

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