White Knights? Where?

When I conducted management seminars in corporations, I would begin by gathering the attendees in front of the conference room window and ask everyone to look out. Then I asked, “What do you see out there?” They pointed out people here and there, cars driving in and out, delivery trucks and the like. Then I asked them to look as far out in the distance as they could and asked if anyone could see a white knight on a white stallion making way toward our conference center? No one ever did.


Then I would make the point: no white knights were on the way–no reinforcement. It was us and that was it. If we didn’t solve the problem, it wasn’t getting solved.


55 plus community California

We all had to think and dig deep together. The answers were in our collaborative minds, imagination, experiences, intuition, and innate ability to see what wasn’t present.


There simply isn’t any technology in existence which can compete with the human mind and the will that drives it. Thinking is the very top line:


Equipment does not cure our sick. Physicians do.

Money cannot teach our children. Parents do.

Wires don’t bring electricity to our homes. Electrical engineers do.

Revenues do not grow our businesses. Talented people do.

Printing presses do not write books. Writers do.


Delta Hawaii 55+  Collaborative Success


The Delta Hawaii 55 + community required a major re-think of what makes living in style with affordability a reality. The best thinkers, designers and craftsmen were all in collaboration when The Temple Companies envisioned this community. Like any team does, you count on the skills of each to bring solutions to life. By the time the  homeowners live here they can only appreciate the result. And that’s a good thing. Experience for yourself.

875 Stoneman Avenue, Pittsburg, CA 94565   925-439-9010