Working at Home Sweet Home

Since the pandemic came along the world of work shifted. Over time workers were told to work at home. This is truly a major paradigm shift for most companies. The stereotype that work belongs in the office or wherever was mandatory. Managers and owners needed to know that people were at their posts, actually working.

For decades employers did not trust that workers would attend to their tasks if they were not under some scrutiny. The pandemic caused many negative outcomes, but did shift the employer mindset from the office to the home– a positive move–it conveys trust and respect for the employee.

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At the same time, the work at home employee has to deal with a new environment especially if children are at home. As favorable as it seems, working at home has its own drawbacks. Many people lose the sense of teamwork or comradery and feel isolation. They must deal with scheduling their work, have a space that serves as a workstation, and minimize distractions, to mention only a few basics.

Delta Hawaii 55+ Offers the Perfect Work at Home Opportunity

If you’re going to work at home, take advantage of a truly exceptional lifestyle at Delta Hawaii. It’s a community of thoughtfully arranged manufactured homes along shaded tree-lined streets. Spacious living and low maintenance removes a lot of stress, and that makes for a superb work mindset. The community is built on convenience, style and affordability.  Don’t wait another day, change your work by enhancing your life. Talk with us today!

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