You have to water dirt for a harvest

These days I live on a farm. The entire 200+ acres grows a variety of fruits and vegetables. It’s amazing how much you can learn about life by being around a farm. You observe actual laws of nature function along with the expectation of a farmer.


I would take long walks and as I came by the massive hoop tents, I’d peek inside only to see rows and rows of thousands of little black cups that held tomato plants. Except, there was nothing green showing. There were simply rows upon rows of cups of dirt.

retirement village

The crazy thing was that day after day they watered dirt, wet muddy dirt. That didn’t seem to deter them at all as they persisted to water all those cups of dirt. One morning I walked inside. Something had happened. Little green sprouts were sticking out of the wet mud cups, thousands of them. Evidently the farmer knew exactly what he was doing. What I called watering dirt was actually watering seeds waiting below the surface to soften enough to crack open and germinate. The watering did that!  The sprouts became stalks. Soon after, green little orbs formed into beautiful red tomatoes. That’s how dreams and goals in life work. They require ongoing watering, care and a faith of expectation.


Delta Hawaii, well-watered!


The entire theme and goal of Delta Hawaii was much the same as the farmer. It required consistent thinking, designing and reviewing construction techniques until they built the first home. Tested and true, that one home became a flourishing neighborhood for people of all ages to enjoy life in a unique way. You really should consider taking a look for yourself.

875 Stoneman Avenue
Pittsburg, CA 94565