Protect your plants while on vacation

I know, I know, your friends, your sister, somebody will water your plants while you’re away.

As they say, famous last words. People are busy and can often forget about coming over to protect your plants. Not that they don’t care or don’t meet the commitment. Even worse, no one may be available during your vacation dates. No need to fret, there are a few solutions to caring for your plants when you’re away from home.


The Bathroom as Water Feeder

Here’s where your bathroom can be a great watering assistant. The most effective way to keep your plants hydrated is to fill your tub with a few inches of water. That’s according to Garden Writer, Barbara Pleasant. Be sure to take the plants off their saucers to allow better contact. I’m an amateur gardener and I’ve tried this and it’s a practical idea.


The Soda Bottle Feeder

You can make a slow feeder to water plants by using a soda bottle. I have also tried this, and it works very well. Use a bottle of soda with a twist-off cap. Place a small hole in the cap. Fill the bottle with water and insert the cap end into the soil in the pot until it can stand upside down without tipping over.



Also be sure the bottle isn’t too heavy, so it doesn’t tip the pot over. There’s many different sized water and soda bottles to pick for the pots. The point here is that the slow drip, drip, drip will water the plant for you. Many gardeners  use hoses with tiny holes that allow slow irrigation so the idea isn’t new.




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