Being the Standard Bearer!

In the distant past, when in battle, one person carried and held high a “Standard.” The word standard is a military term meaning a rally point. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word as a flag or other conspicuous object, raised on a pole for all the soldiers to see above the chaos of war.

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The purpose of a standard bearer is to give soldiers a visual signal as to where the group was moving. If a soldier became separated, he looked around to see the standard and tried to get back to it. Loss of the standard in battle was one of the worst things that could happen – the honor of the unit was lost.  The one carrying the standard walked close to the leader in front. Obviously not the safest place to be. As long as the standard flew, the soldiers knew they were still in contention to win. If it fell, the soldiers lost the visual point to which they would rally. It also indicated they might be losing. This affected courage and energy to go on.

Each of us play a role as Standard Bearer in work and personal life. We stand for something and will not allow it to be tainted or shift with what’s popular or expedient. We represent that ourselves, our families, and our employers. The standard bearer comes across as a steadfast leader much like a statue in the park. Whether it’s raining, snowing or heatwave, the statue of the Civil War soldier on the town green is always exactly the same.

Delta Hawaii 55+ Community: The Standard Bearer.

Over the years Delta Hawaii has been consistent and steadfast with its message: homeowners that are 55 and over can actually enjoy living with well-designed and constructed homes. Lower costs, less maintenance, choices, amenities, and good neighbors. There are no cutting corners. These are some of the many benefits to living here. Contact us today to review all the options.

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