Selfless people

There are times when I have had enough of the bad and negative news feeds. It’s amazing, but a steady diet of that can lead you to believe that there isn’t much positive left in the world. When I feel like that I go down to the city area not far from where I live. There I see a small group of people who set up shop and serve  hot meals to those who have need. They not only pay for this themselves (and some level of funding from individuals), they have to invest a tremendous amount of time and effort to make this work.retire community in california

About two miles away is another group of folks who collect used furniture, blankets, socks, coats and so on and give them to those in need. Here again, they invest their own time and money to keep this going. Studies show that volunteering uplifts your overall sense of purpose and identity.  Helping others can make you feel rewarded, fulfilled. Having a positive impact on someone else could help you change your own outlook and attitude. Studies show that performing acts of kindness boosts mood and makes you more optimistic and positive. Helping others can teach you to help yourself. If you’ve been through a tough experience, helping is a great way get back to feeling like yourself.

Delta Hawaii 55+ is based on offering help in home ownership

This 55 plus community offers many financial benefits that are not easily available elsewhere. From the unique land lease to the low maintenance and low cost living overhead, you have more freedom that ever. Why would anyone 55 and over not want to partake in this. You can begin today, right now by contact us and visiting. You will find it a wonderful experience.

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