That sounds pretty cheesy to me

My son is an executive chef, and he has helped me better understand cheese. I already love cheese and would rather eat it than study it. Nonetheless, here are a few words of cheesy wisdom.

Cheese is unique and the key to its uniqueness is the ingredients, versatility of flavor. Just a slight variation in a recipe creates a range of flavors. The variety of flavors are the outcome of individual cheese makers that create it including their location in the world. In terms of functionality, cheese can be used in just about every application on a menu and as a finish to a plated meal.

55 plus community in CaliforniaThen you can get fancy with Roth Grand Cru or Emmi Le Gruyére AOP. (Yup, sounds fancy.) Depending on the age of the cheese, the flavor will vary. For example, Roth Grand Cru is aged for four months and is perfect for dishes like casseroles. Le Gruyére AOP, is aged up to nine months. It crumbles and adds a good deal of flavor. Cheese is wonderful and now it has also found celebrity status.

“On one of the SpaceX flights we had a secret payload, a wheel of cheese. We flew to orbit and brought it back. So it was the world’s first “space cheese.”—Elon Musk. Pass the cheese please!

Delta Hawaii 55 + Community: The flavor of Quality

Just like an exquisite cheese, this community is very well bred. Everything that makes life more energized in 55+ living is embedded into Delta Hawaii.  Unrivaled location, affordability. Enjoy a low maintenance and low overhead. Let us show you an energized way of life! Contact us today.

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