The Power of Nature and Well Being

The importance of being well is a major factor in today’s world. Think of all the massive amounts of medicines and vitamins and supplements that are sold every year. Many make promises that have never been substantiated. It’s easy to purchase a product that does little or nothing to help a situation. There are, however, other ways to improve wellness that don’t cost money and don’t require FDA approval.

Nature! That is, spending your time in nature. There is both physical and mental benefit interacting with nature. Findings now show that being in green, natural spaces lowers stress levels, can support stronger memory, and even lift creativity. Amazing for something that does come from a bottle. There’s more. The more time spent with interaction with nature can also decrease the symptoms of children with ADHA.

Although not expressed very scientifically, “dirt is good.”  Some ongoing studies have determined that a particular microbe found in soil may well improve the body’s immune system. Scientists have concluded that a bacterium that lives in soil makes an anti-inflammatory fatty acid that can promote resilience to stress. Impressive for something we walk on and play on!

Time With the Mechanics of Nature

Evidence now shows that spending time in nature strengthens mental health. People simply walking in nature or some scenic area experience lower anxiousness, the total opposite of a walk in a busy city. In addition, living in spaces near or in green spaces does correlate with less stress and being well.

A Spade, a Clipper and Knee Guards

A close second to being out in nature is a garden. Gardening is an amazing and undervalued way to connect with the attributes of nature. It isn’t just green, its tending something that is alive and needs loving care.

You water, you tend the soil, you watch living growth take place under your care. You become “present” to living things of beauty. What could be more effective for a sense of wellness than connecting to the earth.

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