White Knights? Where?

When I conducted management seminars in corporations, I would begin by gathering the attendees in front of the conference room window and ask everyone to look out. Then I asked, “What do you see out there?” They pointed out people here and there, cars driving in and out, delivery trucks and the like. Then I […]

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A Few Random Thoughts

Plate of Rocks I came across this photo I shot in November to. At the end of fall I remove some rocks and add a few rocks to this old plate in the garden. It reminds me that life is one gigantic cycle creating new endings and new beginnings. We always have opportunities to place […]

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The Success Assassins in Life

Yes, you read that right: Success Assassins! They are the doubting, negative, we never did it that way before mental thoughts that we deal with.  They can be quite subtle. These negative, risk-averse thoughts attack our intentions to do what we desire. And they are always lurking about. See if any of these thoughts sound […]

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The Power of Nature and Well Being

The importance of being well is a major factor in today’s world. Think of all the massive amounts of medicines and vitamins and supplements that are sold every year. Many make promises that have never been substantiated. It’s easy to purchase a product that does little or nothing to help a situation. There are, however, […]